Jezebels Ancient Spells

Free Magic Spells To Enhance Your Life

The following are a list of free White Magic Spells and Black Magic Spells that come from a variety of traditions such as Wicca, Hoodoo, Voodoo and more, enjoy!

Voodoo Spell to Break a Curse:
On three consecutive days take a bath with 1/2 a cup of sea salt in the bath water. Make sure the water is only luke warm and pray the Lords Prayer and the Shepards Psalm over the water in the tub three times each before you get in. As you soak in the tub think of all the evil and bad luck leaving you and ask the Creator to forgive you for any bad thing you have ever done. Stay in the tub until it empties and visualise all the bad energy leaving you as the tub drains.

Hoodoo Magic for Bonding with the Spirits of Nature:
Find a tree that 'speaks' to you in a place that you like and take some of it's leaves or twigs (find them on the ground). Take also some rocks from the area and put it all under your bed or pillow. You will increase your ability to sense nature spirits and have better dreams.

Olde English  Spell To Call Your Lover To You:

Take a pink peice of paper and spray with perfume or rose water. Cut it into a heart and write your name and birthday on it followed by your desired lovers name and birthday. Light a red candle and burn the paper in the flame as you chant "Bright the flame, Bright the fire, Red is the colour of my desire' Chant this until the paper is burned away, do this each night for nine nights and your lover will desire you.

Hoodoo Jezebel Money Spell:

Take three dimes and hold them in your hand as you chant Jezebel, Jezebel bring me money, Jezebel,Jezebel make me rich" three times then kiss the dimes and put them in your left pocket. Carry them with you to increase your luck and income.

Wiccan Spell to be Close to a Distant Loved One:

On a full moon go to a sacred space outdoors under the moonlight and cast your cirlce. Invoke Kali and ask her to observe this ritual and blass the magic and carry it to your loved one.
 On a white peice of paper write a letter or poem to your dear one detailing how much you love them and always will. Let all of your emotions come out and as you begin to cry wipe the tears with the paper. Visualise your love flowing through the universe to your loved one and know that someday, in this life or the next, you will be together again. Thank and release Kali trusting that she will honour your request, and close your circle. Keep the letter in a safe place and every time you cry over that person wipe your tears with the letter, it will be  a powerfull talisman to attract that person or their spirit to you.

Voodoo Spell To make someone move:

Write their name on a peice of paper and go to the crossroads at midnight with a few cigarettes and some rhum. Wait a few minutes and start talking to the spirits telling them who you are and what you want from them. Put the rhum and cigarettes in the north corner of the crossroads and tell them they are welcome to it as long as they do you a small favour. Tell them the name and address and give a physical description of the person you want to move. Tell them what direction you want them to take that person and thank them for their time. When you turn away from the crossroads be sure to throw some salt over your left shoulder and not look back, as some of the spirits may follow you home if you do. The salt will get any negative spirits off your trail.