Jezebels Ancient Spells

                        Change your life through powerful ancient spells today!

Greetings all, my name is Sophia Jezreal and I am here to help you achieve your wildest dreams through the power of magic. Use the power of magic to enhance every aspect of your life, love, family,money,career,home,health and enything else you can think of! You can overcome all of lifes challenges and live the life that you have always wanted.
White Magic Spells: $350
To find a lover
To get a job
To be lucky in games of chance
To find a new home
To heal (not to be used in place of medical care, see your doctor)
To have dreams or a loved one who has passed on
To heal from an abusive relationship (if you are being abused please seek professional help)
To love yourself
To get better grades
To win in court
To find a mate
Black Magic Spells: $550
To remove a curse
To get rid of evil spirits
To curse an ex lover
To curse an ex friend
To curse an enemy
To jinx someone
To break-up a relationship
To steal someones luck
To send evil spirits to someone
To bind someone from doing harm
To bind someone from doing magic
To make someone move
To get justice